About Us

Who Are We

We have worked with companies that producing machinery and acessories also experts in the field of plastic and rubber abroad, so you can consult to us before making a choice. In providing machinery and accessories to customers, we hope to be able to provide machines and accessories according to customer needs. We also have a solid and experienced marketing team in explaining engine specifications and serving customers well and politely.

We have members of the after-sales service team consisting of skilled and professional technicians from 1990 to the present in their fields, and supported by technicians from abroad as professionals, so that our customers can calmly and proudly use our products. Satisfaction of the customer is proof of our service.

We always collect existing high technology and always keep up to date of the latest developments in the field of plastics and rubber to increase productivity and manufacturing efficiency. With technology, we can compete in market trading.  PT Suprindo Duta Marga Sejati are always encouraged to look for the latest quality machines that are quality and efficient to our customers.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision and mission is to encourage industry in Indonesia and advance industrial technology, especially in the plastic industry. And helps increase the efficiency and productivity of your company.

Reason To Choose Us

We believe by working with us, we can provide you a best quality product and services to bring trust and comfort for you.

Professional Technician

We are supported by professional technician to maintain your machine and fixing problem that may happend.

Genuine Products

We only provide genuine products to ensure the quality and safety.

Helps And Supports

To ensure the best relation between customers, we providing fast and reliable customer service.

Great Services Quality

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We provide great services to ensure the customer comfort and trust.